Epcot's Spaceship Earth is undoubtedly one of the best dark rides ever created. Its incredible Audio-Animatronic figures, the sets, the animations... everything works beautifully, despite the fact that the attraction has received a few changes over the years. Would you like to get the chance to get to examine the Audio-Animatronics and themed props of the attraction more closely? Today we are giving you a preview of something we are preparing, but we first want to know what you think about it.

In fact, we have more than 200 photos taken around the attraction during a private walking tour. Here is just a small preview of what you can see inside this great attraction. Be sure to let us know if you want to see more!:

Guests usually never get to see the attraction from this angle:

There are plenty of hidden details in every scene:

Thanking the Phoenicians:

The lazy student:

The teacher:

The Romans:

Much of our learning is burned, lost forever. Or so we think...

The Arab Scholars that saved our knowledge:

A monk hard at work:

Another one that's too tired to do anything:

Inventing the printing press:

The Renaissance:

Fast forward:

The age of space explorations:

The age of computers:

Going into outer space:

What do you think? Would like to see more? Let us know in the comment section if you would be interested.

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