Preview of OTPN's Upcoming Spaceship Earth Photo-Gallery

Epcot's Spaceship Earth is undoubtedly one of the best dark rides ever created. Its incredible Audio-Animatronic figures, the sets, the animations... everything works beautifully, despite the fact that the attraction has received a few changes over the years. Would you like to get the chance to get to examine the Audio-Animatronics and themed props of the attraction more closely? Today we are giving you a preview of something we are preparing, but we first want to know what you think about it.

In fact, we have more than 200 photos taken around the attraction during a private walking tour. Here is just a small preview of what you can see inside this great attraction. Be sure to let us know if you want to see more!:

Guests usually never get to see the attraction from this angle:

There are plenty of hidden details in every scene:

Thanking the Phoenicians:

The lazy student:

The teacher:

The Romans:

Much of our learning is burned, lost forever. Or so we think...

The Arab Scholars that saved our knowledge:

A monk hard at work:

Another one that's too tired to do anything:

Inventing the printing press:

The Renaissance:

Fast forward:

The age of space explorations:

The age of computers:

Going into outer space:

What do you think? Would like to see more? Let us know in the comment section if you would be interested.


  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing. More please!

  2. More please, of course !!!

  3. Wonderful, yes, more please!
    Thank you for the pictures.
    Matthew from the Netherlands.

  4. Very much enjoy seeing behind the scenes pictures like those! More please!!

  5. I have always had trouble finding "lights on" photos of Spaceship Earth. These pics are amazing. Please show more. Especially the area at the roof where we see space and whatever equipment they have up there. I know there is also a roof hatch. It's how they put mickey on the roof when he waved in a commercial. But, I've never seen that before. ...and who gets to take a walking tour anyway?

  6. Yes, PLEASE post em all! Also please share your findings, thoughts. Just anything. Space Ship Earth is one of my always must dos whenever I'm in Orlando.
    Thank you in advance!
    Regards from Germany

  7. I would love to see more! Thanks for the great post!

  8. How did you get access to do this? Really cool.

  9. Thanks, awesome preview!! Would love to get to see more!!!

  10. Would love to see a behind the scenes pictures of the centre of Spaceship Earth as I guess that's where all the magic happens. Any chance of pictures of behind the scenes of the American adventure. Would love to see how this all works.

  11. You got to WALK through with LIGHTS ON?? More more more more more!!


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