Hello, and welcome to PART 2 of this new Islands of Adventure photo-update (PART 1 can be found at THIS LINK).

In part 1 of this same photo-report we were able to check out Port of Entry, Marvel Superhero Island, and some sections of Toon Lagoon. We will now continue to take a look around Toon Lagoon and some other themed areas of the park. We hope you will enjoy the photos:

It looks like the dancing fountains in front of the Toon Lagoon sign might need some help... again:

These two employees seemed to be talking about it and pointing toward the water feature:

"No good, my friend. No good":

Entering Toon Lagoon:

So colorful:

Possible new park entrance for Guests staying at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort:

Jurassic Park:

No visible work is yet taking place in this area:

The new midway games:

Pizza Predattoria has a couple of new Coke Freestyle machines:

Nothing new to report from the former Triceratops Discovery Trail:

Here you are a quick update on the status of the work being done in the future site of the park's train station:

The Lost Continent:

Seuss Landing:

The actual sign of the Circus McGurkus Cafe is still missing:

Exiting the park:

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