Just a few days ago, we visited Universal's Islands of Adventure, and while there is not a lot of work going on in the park (well, at least not as much as the work being done inside Universal Studios Florida!) there's still a lot to report. Let's first start by taking a look at the new automated ticket booth that was built a few weeks ago:

This new area looks quite nice, despite the very limited size:

A new seating area was also added:

But, let's get to the park now:

Very long operating hours... It must be Spring Break!:

The Zephyrhills water bottles have all been replaced by Pure Life water bottler. Bad change in our opinion:

The huge buoys in the middle of the park's lagoon are still there, but it looks like nothing has changed since our last visit. Rumors say that a possible new nighttime show may be coming to the park. That'd be great!:

A closer look at these buoys:

Ooops, that was not a buoy. Sorry. Here's a real buoy:

Moving on to other areas of the park:

A new game was recently introduced in the "If I Ran the Zoo" play area of Seuss Landing:

The Lost Continent:

Work on the future train station continues (sorry, but we were not able to get closer to the construction area due to the massive crowds going toward the Wizarding World):


Jurassic Park (and the abandoned landing of the former Island Skipper Tour Boats):

The bad storm has left some traces here:

Nothing's happening here, at least for now:

Refurbished sign in Marvel's Superhero Island:

The refurbished Marvel characters cutouts have returned:

That's it for now. Thanks for reading, and see you in a bit for more news, updates, and advisories.

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