Universal Studios: Simpsons Project Begins (PART 2)

Thank you for reading this new Universal Studios update. This is part 2 (PART 1 can be found HERE).

Let's get back to the Transformers construction site:

A glimpse of some of the interior sets (still at an early construction stage, though):

The building as seen from Park Avenue:


In the heart of the New York City area, we wanted to make sure we took enough photos of the Revenge of the Mummy's entrance, because, according to a well-known forum member on Orlando United (Hatetofly), this is going to change very soon:

Rumor has it that the ugly metal structure in front of the Paradise theater will be removed:

That would be great:

A view of the back of the Revenge of the Mummy sign:

I am absolutely sure that this part of the facade will not be touched:

The ugly-looking lockers area should remain as well:

By the way, what's happening on top of the un-themed part of the Mummy showbuilding?:

We don't know, but they may also be working on the roof:

Do you know what this means?:

It means more Transformers photos! Yay!:

No, seriously, these next few photos will show you the entrance of the building, which will be located right where we speculated it would end up in. Remember?:

Here's the entrance:

Optimus Prime will stand right there:

A better view of the entrance:

Can you see him? (NOTE: This is a - badly - photoshopped image...):

The view from the area near the Starbucks:

More photos:

Yeah, it is certainly not a typical sunny Floridian day:

Going back to the Mummy showbuilding, I would love to see it themed like the Disaster! showbuilding:

Note how also the top of the building is themed:


  1. I thought Universal said Optimus Prime would guard the entrance.

  2. You are correct, Anonymous! We'll correct that right away.