Universal Studios: Simpsons Project Begins (PART 1)

Since Universal Studios Florida is seemingly still not happy with all the major projects taking place all around the parks and the rest of the Universal Orlando Resort, another very important project has been given the green light, and work has already started. As we stated multiple times in the past few months, we are entering into a golden decade for the Universal Orlando Resort. There are an incredible number of new attractions, restaurants, stores, and even a brand-new hotel under construction... all at once! Since so much is going on, we needed to bring you a larger-than-usual photo-report. We hope this will not bother you. ;-)

Let's start this update now. We hope you will enjoy it!

Today was a very unusual day. A thick layer of grey clouds continued to hide the sun's warming rays, making it a quite chilly day, in the low 70's (remember that we are in Florida, hence this is cold for us!):

Anyway, once inside the park, we noticed that the new ride reservation system (Lo-Q) is now advertised in the park. We reported this a few days ago, by the way:

Busy day at the park:

The windows of the Universal Studios Store are currently being changed:

Despicable Me - Minion Mayhem:

Very busy:

Time to move on to check out the progress on the construction of the new Transformers Ride:

The building is starting to be enclosed:

One of the massive screens in the ride:

Some of our readers may recognize this name:

More photos of the new panels used to enclose the building:

In the same area, we noticed that Shrek's Ye Olde Souvenir Shoppe is receiving some changes:

First of all, the former sign has been removed. BEFORE:

And NOW (notice that the nearby trees have also been nicely trimmed):

Also, it looks like the floor has been changed:

This looks very new, but we are not sure, as we rarely step into this building:

The Blues Brothers were passing nearby (I personally find the big guy in front of the car quite fear-inspiring):

How are ya' doin'?:

Moving on... The Monsters Cafe' may soon be closed and changed into a new restaurant according to some permits that were filed recently and that were discovered by Orlando United:

In the meantime, the restaurant continues to remain open to serve Guests (especially since the International Food & Film Festival restaurant is now closed, but we'll get back to that later on...)

Back to Transformers:

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