While searching through my 'old' pictures, I found a couple of pictures of one of my many trips to Disneyland Resort Paris (before I came to leave to this AWESOME PLACE called FLORIDA!!!)!

Indeed, when I lived in Italy, Disneyland Paris was the only Disney resort in Europe
(and it still is!)... So, enjoy some pictures!:

At Walt Disney Studios park (a poor version of our Disney's Hollywood Studios) they were still building their (poor) version of the Tower of Terror:

Magic Kingdom:

Their version of Big Thunder Mountain is waaaaay better:

The Robinsons' tree:


Their castle is smaller, but it's very small at the bottom, so it seems higher than our's:

I like the cliffs:

Cool effect, that is not available in Florida:



Sorry for the lack of good pictures, but for now, that's all I have found...
See ya' soon!

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