Vintage DLP pictures

While searching through my 'old' pictures, I found a couple of pictures of one of my many trips to Disneyland Resort Paris (before I came to leave to this AWESOME PLACE called FLORIDA!!!)!

Indeed, when I lived in Italy, Disneyland Paris was the only Disney resort in Europe
(and it still is!)... So, enjoy some pictures!:

At Walt Disney Studios park (a poor version of our Disney's Hollywood Studios) they were still building their (poor) version of the Tower of Terror:

Magic Kingdom:

Their version of Big Thunder Mountain is waaaaay better:

The Robinsons' tree:


Their castle is smaller, but it's very small at the bottom, so it seems higher than our's:

I like the cliffs:

Cool effect, that is not available in Florida:



Sorry for the lack of good pictures, but for now, that's all I have found...
See ya' soon!


  1. Hey Samuele, hope it isn't too strange to ask. In what year did you move to Florida? Did you ever visited Florida before moving there?

  2. Very good question, Francisco!!
    I moved to Florida just in 2009, and before I used to visit Disneyland Paris once per year.
    I have visited Florida in 2006,2008 and then of course 2009.
    Since the first time I came here, I fell in love with this place!!!
    I'm so glad we moved here!!

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Gladly!.
    I was curious. Is nice that you like it so much. Me too. I hear people say around here all the time, that if you move to Florida you'll get tire of it. Which i could guess is not your case? Right? What's you take how do you do to avoid getting tired of it?

    Me personally went 1995 1st time,then 96, 99, 05, 06. I live in the Caribbean that's why I've gone 5 times. It's about 3 and a half hours far.(by plane of course) I would love to go to Disney (etc.) every time i wanted. My self personally I'm not sure if i would get tired, the thing I'm convinced you wouldn't argue is that going in the airport and staying at a hotel makes it more of an adventure. Right?
    Cause you get that initial I'm at the Mouse's house now feeling, when you stroll into the airport.

    Since you went there before you moved, you have both perspectives plus i also think that the people that tell me that one gets tired are not really, truly fans. Are more the i go every once in a while and have an o.k. time type, in my opinion.

    Any how whats your take did you enjoyed more, same, less, now?

    Why am I so sure? Well, since September 2009, I've been at least 50 times to Epcot, 20 times to MK, 10 times to DHS, 5 time to AK, 40 times to IOA and 20 times to US.... and it's less than a year!!!!
    I LOVE THESE THEME PARKS!! That's also why I started this web site...
    The only thing I regret is that I've never been to a Disney Resort here in Florida (I mean to actually sleep..), and that's a thing I miss, because Disney (and Universal) has AWESOME resorts, that really put you in the middle of the fantasy of their theme parks... But, who knows, since we have a 60% Cast Members-only discount... maybe we can stay one or two nights...


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