Clearwater Marine Aquarium Unveils New Multi-Year Expansion Plan

On February 6, 2024, Clearwater Marine Aquarium announced a multi-year plan of expansion that will forge a path toward a future where the harmony between humanity and the oceans is not just a vision, but a reality! The comprehensive campaign encompasses strategies to welcome new animals, create new habitats, and launch global conservation efforts.

The first of these additions is the opening of the Manatee Rehabilitation Center slated to open this spring. CMA stands as a beacon of excellence in manatee research and rescue operations, pioneering breakthroughs and saving lives. The center will allow CMA to accept the influx of manatees in need of critical care.
Internationally, this summer work will begin on a Belize Marine Rescue and Educational Center, a Clearwater Marine Aquarium Facility. CMA Research Institute (CMARI) has rescued and released manatees for 20 years in Belize, which has the highest known density of Antillean manatees in the world.

CMA will welcome many new marine ambassadors, including manatees, sea lions, sharks, penguins, albino alligators, and additional dolphins. To provide world-class healthcare to these new residents, there will be a significant renovation and expansion to its animal hospital. Along with new habitats, CMA will add exciting attractions within the aquarium to captivate guests of all ages. Among these enhancements are a dazzling display of ocean jellies, a state-of-the-art theater, an engaging interactive water area, and more.

Each of these remarkable creatures carries their own compelling conservation story. By expanding the variety of animals within their care, CMA not only enriches visitor experience, but also provides a platform to educate future generations about marine life, conservation, and groundbreaking research specific to each species.
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