PHOTOS: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Welcomes Red River Hog Piglet to the Sounder

Guests staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge may soon be able to spot a red river hog mom and her “a-boar-able” piglet while wandering around the resort! Mom Daisy delivered this healthy and spunky piglet last month, and both are spending time backstage bonding. The healthy male, which has not yet been named, joins the seven members of the red river hog family – also known as a “sounder.”

Animal moms, like Daisy, help provide guidance to their young by teaching the skills and behaviors needed to thrive as an adult red river hog. But she’s not doing it all on her own! All members of the family have been pitching in and spending a lot of time teaching the playful piglet how to forage and wallow.

Wallowing in mud is an important natural behavior for red river hogs, and the coat of mud that sticks to their fur provides a shield against the sun and provides protection from insects.

Providing the very best veterinary care is Disney's top priority, and the company's team of animal care experts has kept an eye on this adorable little piglet since he was still in the womb.

All animals across Walt Disney World Resort have the choice to participate in their own health care. Based on her trusted relationships with Disney's keepers, Daisy would enter a specialized crate during her pregnancy to allow our veterinarians to conduct ultrasounds and monitor her piglet’s health and development during Daisy’s four-month gestation period.

Be sure to catch this “pig-ture” perfect pair wallowing around in the mud on real soon.
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