Animal Kingdom Update: DINOSAUR Effects Partially Restored & More (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this Disney's Animal Kingdom photo-report. Let's continue to explore DinoLand U.S.A., where the Cretaceous Trail (a character greeting location and walk-through attraction) is still closed:

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Let's now focus on DINOSAUR. As you might have heard, the attraction has been dealing with a variety of technical issues lately. many of the ride's Audio-Animatronic figures have not been working, while some of the ride's special effects have been operating improperly or were completely missing.

While the attraction still needs help, we were glad to see that some of the aforementioned features were fixed. This includes the doors at the beginning of the attraction (which were previously left open), the laser beam in the time traveling sequence, the Alioramus (which is finally moving again), and the final Carnotaurus. Sadly, the chasing Carnotaurus effect was still not working when we experienced the attraction:

image host image host 
There's still nothing new to report from the former site of Primeval Whirl:

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We are very glad that Finding Nemo: The Big Blue... and Beyond is back! The park need live shows:

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Another thing that we truly miss is having a nighttime show in this space. For years, we have been imagining how wonderful it would be to have a World of Color-style show in this space. While it would require numerous changes (including creating some sort of "island" in the middle of the Discovery River to enclose the water that would be used for the fountains), it would absolutely be worth it in my opinion. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to share your opinions:

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Entering Asia:

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Next stop: Africa:

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We can't stress enough how much we love the theming in this park. It's far more difficult to recreate environments that exist in the real world than it is to build imaginary lands (even though we love both concepts):

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