ICON Park Launches Partnership with iHeartRadio

The Wheel at ICON Park holds special memories for people all over the world, from proposals to family reunions. It’s always featured the best view, but now it has the perfect soundtrack to match.

Each of The Wheel’s 30 capsules includes a Bluetooth feature that allows guests to connect their phones to the capsule sound system featuring Bose speakers. To optimize this element, ICON Park is partnering with iHeartRadio.

As part of the partnership, iHeartRadio has created the “ICON Park Radio” custom playlist that guests can enjoy while riding The Wheel. Special seasonal themes will also be available during various holidays throughout the year.

Prior to boarding their capsule on The Wheel, guests will walk past a new Lyric Wall designed by ICON Park and iHeartRadio. This beautiful photo spot features lyrics of songs that represent The Wheel, flying, and the sky.

“ICON Park is excited to partner with iHeartRadio as we enhance our guests’ experience,” said Chris Jaskiewicz, president and CEO of ICON Park. “In addition to having a perfect view of Orlando on The Wheel, guests will also have the right music for their mood. This will make special moments even more memorable.”

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