Animal Kingdom Update: Primeval Whirl Closure, Low Crowds, & More (PART 1)

This afternoon we invite you to take a quick look around Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park to see what's new since our last visit. As you'll see, some of the park's attractions are no more, while other experiences have been modified for safety reasons. Let's start our tour by walking around The Oasis:

Disney's Animal Kingdom didn't feel crowded at all:

Let's walk around Dinoland U.S.A.:

We always tried to avoid large crowds, so we really enjoyed our visit this time:

The Boneyard and the majority of Dino-Rama are still closed:

TriceraTop Spin is the only attraction open in this area (in addition to DINOSAUR):

Primeval Whirl is officially extinct:

Who knows how long we will have to wait for a proper replacement, though:

The midway games are temporarily closed (they're not missed):

Characters now greet Guests from a safe distance:

1 comment:

  1. You'd think that they'd remove the sign for Primeval Whirl now that it's never coming back.


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