SeaWorld Orlando Update: A Rough Reopening Day (PART 2)

Thank you for joining us for the second part of this extensive SeaWorld Orlando photo-report. There is still so much more that we need to check out, so let's continue our tour by visiting Antarctica:

The banner usually found near the land's entrance is missing:

The ride portion of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is currently closed. The attraction features a very narrow indoor queue that may not work with the current safety measures:

The other banner is also missing:

Moving on:

The Pacific Point Preserve is a great place to relax as it's not crowded at all. We felt very comfortable here:

Let's head to the Waterfront:

I spot the new Ice Breaker roller coaster. Unfortunately, the attraction is currently "frozen" as work hasn't resumed yet:

Shark Wreck Reef:

This area was a bit of a bottleneck due to the huge midway game located right in front of Mako's entrance:

Another problematic area is the one found in front of the Nautilus Theater. The pathway in front of it is receiving some attention, so Guests have to use an alternative, narrower walkway to the left:

It's hard to follow the social distancing rule here:

We had to wait for other Guests to walk through this area before we could move forward. Even without social distancing rules this wouldn't work as a main pathway:

Infinity Falls was testing:

The interactive games near the attraction are currently unavailable for obvious reasons:

We still haven't had the chance to experience the new Ocean Encounter show:

Some of the attractions in the new Sesame Street Land are currently not available. The ones operating were temporarily closed due to inclement weather while we were walking around the park.


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