Epcot Update: Character Spot Demolition, Evacuation of The Land Pavilion, and More (PART 1)

There's SO MUCH currently going on at Epcot. From entire pavilions being demolished (or evacuated) to new offerings taking shape, Guests visiting the park will certainly find something new around every corner. Let's begin our tour of this evolving theme park by checking out the area that will soon be known as World Celebration:

The tarps from the Millennium Celebration are still up (for now). We can't wait to see these go:

The demolition of the old Communicore/Fountain View/Club Cool/Character Spot building continues:

The Land pavilion was evacuated on the afternoon we were visiting the park:

It appears that the fire alarm was triggered by something (or someone):

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Fortunately it look like it was a false alarm. The pavilion reopened later that day:

Walls still surround the green space on the left side of The Land pavilion:

We are still not sure about what they plan on doing in this area:

Most of the grass has been removed:

Soarin' Cast Members were stationed by the Imagination! pavilion during the evacuation of The Land:

Moving on:

Work is being done around some of the planters near The Seas with Nemo & Friends:

1 comment:

  1. The fire alarm system at The Land gets set off rather frequently - usually it's burnt food.
    Still good to see that people don't ignore the alarm...

    (For the fire alarm enthusiasts: It's a Siemens system with the usual initiating devices, and Gentex Commander 3 horn/strobes.)


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