Disney's Riviera Resort Update: New Hotel Officially Opens at Walt Disney World (PART 1)

The all-new Disney's Riviera Resort officially opened to Guests on December 16, 2019 at the Walt Disney World Resort! This Disney vacation Club property features a Mediterranean theme as well as multiple amenities (including two pools, a water play area, a rooftop restaurant, as well as its very own Disney Skyliner station) that Guests are certainly going to enjoy. Let's take a quick look around, shall we?

This is the porte-cochere of the hotel:

A very low fence separates the walkway from a small water feature. We are 99% sure this area will change in the near future as Guests might inadvertently step on it:

The water feature looks nice:

The view under the porte-cochere:

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Here's the lobby of the hotel:

The check-in area of the hotel is located on the right side:

A cafe and a shop can be found on the left side of the lobby:

Le Petit Cafe offers hot and cold beverages:

Here's the menu:

Let's continue our tour:

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  1. oh yeah, gonna need to raise that fence.
    people gonna be swimming in that thing before long.


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