Animal Kingdom Update: Primeval Whirl Goes Seasonal, New Club 33 Takes Shape (PART 1)

Disney's Animal Kingdom is a very special place. No other theme park we have visited can match the immersive environments recreated in this amazing park (we haven't visited Tokyo DisneySea... yet). Let's take a look around Animal Kingdom to see what's new. We hope you enjoy the photos!

Discovery Island:

Next stop: Dinoland U.S.A.

Primeval Whirl is now a seasonal attraction (click here to learn more):

The attraction now operates only during the busier times of the year:

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The Guest Experience Team is now stationed near Expedition Everest:

The park was extremely quiet:

Only a 15-minute wait for Expedition Everest:

Even though it's still very hot here in Central Florida, Kali River Rapids only had a 10-minute wait:

According to a very reliable source (Marni on WDWMagic), Rivers Of Light: We Are One will soon receive yet another update. We will see if the new version will fix all (or at least some) of the issues plaguing this nighttime show:

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  1. I know many of us have been saying this for many years, but it is time to remove Primeval Whirl and all of the parking lot/carnival games stuff. Perhaps it's themed TOO WELL, meaning it's very convincing that it's a cheesy, ugly, run-down carnival environment. But how in the world does that fit into ANYTHING DISNEY? It doesn't. Remove it all and put something else in, or just turn it into a park, restaurant or some other attraction. I'd be happy if Primeval Whirl never opened again. If you really miss it, go visit your local small theme park and ride their mouse ride. That's all it is.


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