Universal Studios Update: Refurbishments, Missing Props, and More (PART 1)

After adding new attractions almost every year for the past five years, it looks like Universal Studios Florida will soon take a break from building more rides there's very little construction going on (aside from the work being done in the building formerly occupied by Terminator 2:3D). That being said, there's still something new to see around the park. Let's take a quick look around.

Welcome to Hollywood:

The former facade of Terminator 2:3D was being repainted (this work has been completed since our last visit):

The awning of the Brown Derby Hat Shop was missing:

More missing awnings:

Central Park:

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Banners were missing from the top of the Animal Actors theater:



  1. Depending on when you visited, the awnings and banners could have been removed in preparation for Hurricane Dorian, which was supposed to hit FL. Thankfully, it did not. :)

  2. "missing" You can literally see them all rolled up in preparation for the storm.


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