SeaWorld Update: Construction Continues in the Future Site of "Ice Breaker" (PART 1)

SeaWorld Orlando continues to grow year after year, adding new attractions and experiences that the entire family can enjoy. In this update, we will focus on the work being done in the future site of "Ice Breaker," the all-new family coaster that will feature four launches as well as the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida. Let's begin!

Just like the other parks in the area, SeaWorld Orlando is far from being crowded during the week:

The Craft Beer festival takes place on weekends:

Here's the future site of the new "Ice Breaker" roller coaster:

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The pathway between Shamu Stadium and Wild Arctic is currently closed:

Let's take a peek behind the walls:

Notice the footers:

The new roller coaster opens next year:

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