American Crocodile Breaches Habitat at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Around 2:30 p.m. on Friday, September 27, the American Crocodile at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens breached his habitat. The area around the Zoo’s Herpetarium was cleared of all guests while Zoo staff evaluated the situation. At no time were guests in danger, as the crocodile was in a contained area away from public pathways.

The crocodile was quickly secured by zoo staff. The habitat was assessed to determine cause. Once the habitat was evaluated, the crocodile was returned without incident.

“Our staff acted swiftly and followed all protocol to secure the animal in a safe manner,” said Dino Ferri, Zoo CEO. “We practice for these types of situations throughout the year, so our team is prepared to respond accordingly.”

An investigation will be conducted to determine the factors that contributed to the incident.

PHOTO: © 2019 Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens. All Rights Reserved.

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