Three New "Neighborhoods" to Replace Future World at Epcot

Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Bob Chapek just announced that Epcot will soon be unified with four neighborhoods that each speak to important aspects of the world and its people: World Showcase, World Celebration, World Nature, and World Discovery.

Transformation of Epcot

These neighborhoods will be filled with new experiences rooted in authenticity and innovation that take you to new destinations, where the real is made fantastic in a celebration of curiosity, hands-on wonder, and the magic of possibility.

World Showcase
World Showcase will continue to be a celebration of culture, cuisine, architecture and traditions – infused with new magic.

World Celebration
World Celebration will offer new experiences that connect us to one another and the world around us.

World Nature
World Nature is dedicated to understanding and preserving the beauty, awe and balance of the natural world. It will include The Land and The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilions.  

World Discovery
In World Discovery, stories about science, technology and intergalactic adventure come to life.

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