Disney Unveils Additional Details About New Space-Themed Restaurant Coming to Epcot

As previously announced, a new space-themed restaurant will soon open at Epcot as an expansion of the existing Mission: SPACE pavilion. Known as "Space 220," this new dining location will be a culinary experience featuring the celestial panorama of a space station, including daytime and nighttime views of Earth from 220 miles up.

Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot

Guests will have the chance to board a special elevator for a journey to a space station that is home to an incredible dining experience. Along the way, viewports will give you a real-time perspective as you travel high above the planet. Once Guests arrive, they’ll enjoy fantastic meals and drinks while taking in views that are truly out of this world.

Opening this winter, Space 220 will be operated by the Patina Group (the company also operates the Tutto Italia and Via Napoli restaurants in the Italy pavilion). 

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