SeaWorld Update: TurtleTrek Changes, Electric Ocean Offerings, & More (PART 2)

Thank you for joining for the second part of this new SeaWorld Orlando photo-report. Let's continue our tour of the park by checking out the changes that were recently introduced to the TurtleTrek attraction:

Not too long ago, SeaWorld changed the way TurtleTrek operates. When the attraction originally opened, Guests would go through TWO different pre-shows that featured animal exhibits as well as Team Members sharing interesting facts about manatees and sea turtles.

A few years after opening, the first pre-show was dropped and Guests simply walked through it before reaching the second pre-show.

Now, all pre-shows have been dropped, and Guests are allowed to walk in and out of the 360-degree theater while the main show is going on:

Additionally, the 3D effects have been dropped, so 3D glasses are no longer available to Guests:

One of the Race to the Beach station is still turned off:

The exterior of the TurtleTrek showbuilding is in need of a refurbishment:

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Outdoor attractions were temporarily closed due to inclement weather:


Empire of the Penguin's temporary queue setup is still in place:

Let's check out the new look of the Sea Lion & Otter Theater:


  1. SeaWorld needs to watch it with these cuts, because it's really starting to hurt the guest experience. Turtle Trek is awesome when you get the full experience, but the way it is now is pretty disappointing, just like Kraken Unleashed and Journey to Atlantis.

  2. Just went back to SeaWorld after a few years and was disappointed with turtle trek I was one of the very first passholders to go into it and loved it. Now I don't care for the changes. It seems like all the shows I enjoyed there are over.


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