Work Begins Inside the Odyssey Pavilion at Epcot to Make Way for New "Experience Center"

Earlier this year, the Walt Disney World Resort announced that an "Experience Center" was coming to Epcot in the Odyssey pavilion. The Experience Center will feature multiple interactive exhibits to help Guests visualize park projects that will be opening in phases throughout Epcot’s evolution.

To prepare for this new offering, the Odyssey building and the attached restrooms (located near the Test Track building) will be unavailable to Guests until further notice. Additional details regarding this project will be shared soon.

Guests looking for a restroom should use those located behind Mouse Gear or on the opposite side of the Odyssey pavilion (near First Aid and Baby Care).

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  1. This should be a fairly fast transition as they've already made improvements to this building recently not just for the Starbucks counter, but for updating the accessibility etc.

    My bet is we will see the experience center part open and running by August at the latest.


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