Fun Spot Orlando Update: Iconic Ferris Wheel Removed (PART 1)

Just a couple of weeks ago, one of Fun Spot Orlando's most iconic attractions was removed to make way for an enhanced version of the same ride. We are referring to the colorful ferris wheel that has represented the park for decades, which will soon be replaced by a more modern version that includes all-new lighting effects.

Let's take a quick look around the park to see what else is new since our last visit:

The world's largest SkyCoaster is quite impressive (the Kissimmee park includes the world's tallest version of this thrilling attraction):

A new splash pad is under construction near the carousel:

Let's move on:

This park is very, very clean:

Gator Spot is one of the nicest areas of the park:

Kiddie rides can be found nearby:

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Guests can even practice throwing axes here:

We have to admit that the older section of the park hasn't aged gracefully:

This is the former location of the iconic ferris wheel:

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