PHOTOS: New Bag Check Area Opens at Hollywood Studios, Work on Disney Skyliner Station Continues

The massive reimagining project currently going on inside Disney's Hollywood Studios is also bringing a lot of changes to the area surrounding the parking lot.

As you will see in this new photo-report, the new Disney Skyliner station taking shape just outside the park gates looks almost ready to open, while a portion of the new bag check area is now open. Let's take a look around.

We love this view. It's sad that only a small fraction of Guests visiting the park can enjoy it:

The new bus shelter opened weeks ago:

Many of the Disney Skyliner gondolas have been unwrapped:

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The Disney Skyliner sign has been installed on top of the station:

As previously reported, "Italian Job" is the code name for this project:

 While most of the work that needs to be done now is just cosmetic, we are still a few months away from being able to ride a gondola:

Let's now focus our attention on the new bag check area:

The plaza in front of this new area is very spacious:

Here's a view of the new bag check area from the opposite side:

New gates have been installed nearby to allow Guests to exit the area without having to walk through the bag check area:

We have to say that Walt Disney World's new screening procedure seems to have improved a lot (at least for Guests with no bags). Disney now uses the same system SeaWorld Orlando has been using for months, which doesn’t require emptying pockets. This means that Guests can keep their keys, wallet, and phone inside their pockets while walking through the metal detector. It appears that the system has been adjusted to only identify items that could pose a danger. Bags are still checked, of course.

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