PHOTOS: Portions of Epcot's Main Entrance Close for Construction

The reimagining project that will completely change the appearance and layout of Epcot's main entrance has officially begun. While construction hasn't started yet, temporary walls now surround the courtesy tram station as well as a few parking spaces. Let's take a look around together:

The courtesy tram now drops off Guests farther away from the entrance:

A temporary walkway has been created to allow Guests to safely reach the entrance of the park:

Barricades have been placed at the end of the shortened tram lane:

There are now two separate trams: The East Tram and the West Tram.

Let's take a look at the area from above:

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As you can see, this is just the beginning. Construction should begin very soon, though:

The tram station is closed:

The next phase of this project includes the removal of the "Leave a Legacy" monoliths:

The beauty of the original EPCOT Center entrance will finally be restored!:

Let's end by taking a quick look at the Guardians of the Galaxy showbuilding:

Can you spot the coaster track?:

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