PHOTOS: Jabari the Giraffe Calf Joins the Herd at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Two months ago, a male Masai giraffe calf was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on the Kilimanjaro Safaris savanna and today he’s officially joining the rest of the herd.

Ever since his birth on the savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Jan. 14, the giraffe calf has been bold, curious and courageous… and to celebrate his spirit, he has been given a very special name – Jabari, which means “brave one” in Swahili.

Currently standing at seven-feet-tall and weighing about 300 pounds (more than double his initial birth weight), Jabari has come a long way since his initial entrance to the savanna. He’s been bonding with his mom, Mara, in a backstage habitat and quickly reaching all his key developmental milestones. Jabari is following in the hoofsteps of his sisters Amira and Aella, two young female giraffe calves who were born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom last year.

Disney's animal care team typically is given the honor of naming baby animals but this time the naming choice went to the Kilimanjaro Safari drivers and Wild Africa Trek team because they played such an important role in keeping Guests calm during the Jabari’s birth. Several of the drivers were on hand this morning to see Jabari in stride, which left them smiling and beaming with pride.

Take a look at this video, showcasing Jabari’s savanna debut.

Did you know?
Guests can celebrate Jabari’s arrival at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with limited-edition cupcakes at Tamu Tamu, featured giraffe merchandise at Mombasa Marketplace, special face-painting offerings in Africa as well as unique photo opportunities.

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