PHOTOS: Annual Passholders Preview SeaWorld's New Sesame Street Land (Part 4)

Thank you for joining us for the fourth (and final) part of this SeaWorld Orlando photo-report (click here to go back to PART 3 of this update to find more photos taken around the new Sesame Street land). Let's complete our tour of this colorful area of the park.

On-ride photos will be available for purchase at the Derby Photos kiosk:

Here Guests can also find lockers:

While we love this new area, some pathways are very narrow:

A play area:

More rides:

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This part of the land is our favorite because it really immerses Guests into the world of Sesame Street:

Guests can also watch the parade from this area:

More photos of the facades:

Last but not least, themed food trucks offer a variety of food & beverage options:

It's time to say goodbye:

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