Disney Unveils More Details About New Pixar Experiences Coming to Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Guests will soon have the chance to party with Pixar Pals and more as the park celebrates 30 years of Hollywood. Continue reading to learn more about what's coming to the park later this month:

Experience the world of The Incredibles beginning Jan. 18 as you enjoy all things Super at Pixar Place—magically transformed into a Municiberg city block straight out of Metroville. Embrace your inner Super Hero and join in all the fun, including:

1) The Edna Mode Experience
Welcome to Edna Mode’s pop-up gallery! Come in and see original Super Suit designs, her many awards and accolades, sketches, and much more. You’ve come on a great day as Edna Mode herself is in the building meeting all of her fans. Get an autograph, take a picture, and remember this unique experience that you won’t want to miss!

2) The Super Shindig
Bring your dancing shoes, it’s time to party! Join the Incredibly Nice Community Chair, Bev, as she hosts the most incredibly interactive party Municiberg’s ever seen. All in honor of the Supers right here in town, you’ll learn new dances, play great games, and have the chance to meet the biggest names in Supers, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone.

3) Where’s Jack-Jack?
Jack-Jack has gone missing and it’s your turn to follow his trail throughout the street party. He’s demonstrating his many powers, so there’s always something new to find and interact with. Joined with its own hashtag, this experience is extremely shareable with friends and family on social media.

4) Pixar-Inspired Snacks, Sips and Souvenirs
While having a super time in Municiberg, don’t miss out on the merchandise and food & beverage offerings available during the Incredible Celebration. Visit Municiberg Gifts for Incredible merchandise offerings including apparel, novelty hats and toys. When hunger strikes, grab a bite at the Neighborhood Bakery featuring local favorites including the Num Num Cookie, Hero Sandwich, and Mrs. Incredible’s Mask with Cheese.

An Incredible Celebration

Join these “beast friends forever” for photos, hugs and a laugh or two, starting Jan. 18. Get ready for a warm and wild welcome as you step inside the world of Monsters, Inc. to meet, greet and pal around with Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sulley” Sullivan.

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