PHOTOS: Epcot Gondola Station Continues to Take Shape Near International Gateway

Guests walking by Epcot's gondola station are now able to spot a multitude of new details on this new addition, including a beautiful design that graces the front of the building. Take a look around the area to check out what's new since our last visit.

NOTE: Before we begin, we would like to apologize for the low quality of the following photos. We tried to change the settings on our camera in an attempt to improve the picture quality, but this actually backfired on us.

Crews are still busy working on the back of the station:

The front looks great:

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The new gondola towers loom over the future site of the new Ratatouille attraction:

Some of the gondola supports are visible from across the World Showcase Lagoon:

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  1. I understand the desire to save money, but wow, that is ugly.

  2. Nothing says Disney Magic like ugly cheap ovens on a wire.


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