Herbivore Excrement and Plant Debris Used for Compost at Brevard Zoo

Dung from Brevard Zoo’s giraffe, zebras and camels is no longer going to waste. Landscaping staff are turning herbivore excrement and plant debris into compost at a new facility built with a donation from Waste Management. The concoction is left to ferment for one to three months; once “cooked,” the compost is hauled out for use in gardens around the Zoo.

“We’re thrilled to be a partner in this exciting new Zoo venture,” said Amy Boyson, community affairs manager at Waste Management. “Recycling is more than just what can be done at the curb. This facility will save valuable landfill space while creating a beneficial product for our environment.”

The Zoo encourages Brevard County residents to take up composting in their own homes and yards by placing fruit and vegetable scraps, lawn clippings, tree trimmings and even newspaper in a container and lightly stirring it once every few days. The mixture is ready for use once it begins to resemble soil.

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