RUMOR: All-New Zootopia Land Coming Soon to Shanghai Disneyland

NOTE: While we trust our sources and we have heard that this project is currently in development, we have edited parts of this post to make it clear that, until this is officially announced by The Walt Disney Company, the information included in this article should be regarded as RUMORS.

An all-new themed land might be coming to Shanghai Disneyland Resort in the near future. While Disney has not released any details about this new addition yet (it has not been officially announced yet), the team working on this exciting project aims to deliver an exciting new area that highlights the diverse ecosystems seen in the animated movie "Zootopia"

The different districts found within Zootopia include the following (not all of them might be featured in the new land):
  • Sahara Square
  • Tundratown
  • Little Rodentia
  • Rainforest District
  • Downtown

Of course, the first question that came to our mind when hearing this interesting rumor was "could this land also be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park?" After all, the different "neighborhoods" featured in Zootopia represent different ecosystems that might work very well as part of intricate animal exhibits that could be built in the area adjacent to Asia.

What do you think? Would a Zootopia land be a good addition for Disney's Animal Kingdom?

IMAGE: © 2018 The Walt Disney Company/Google. All Rights Reserved.

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