EXCLUSIVE: Walt Disney World Confirms Names of Club 33 Locations Coming to the Parks

Walt Disney imagined an elegant, exclusive club that would serve as a place for conversation, and, in turn, be a conversation piece in its own right. Club 33 would become the private, luxurious, yet relaxed setting Walt had envisioned, and it opened its doors at Disneyland Resort on June 15, 1967.

CLUB33 Epcot

Now, 50 years later, a new chapter in the club’s history has begun at Walt Disney World Resort, with the opening of four Club 33 lounges beginning in 2018 with the Spotlight Lounge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Each of the planned lounges will have its own unique story and connection to Walt Disney. For example, at Spotlight Lounge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the elegant space recreates the stylish “green room” experience of a major film awards ceremony and celebrates Walt’s award-winning cinematic career. Club 33 members may now or in the near future also experience Constellation Club at Epcot, Captain’s Quarters at Magic Kingdom Park, and Harambe House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

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  1. I'm sure all those rich visitors will love it.

  2. Yes we will thank you!!!

  3. Do SOMETHING to fix those stock prices. So tired of seeing them sit at $110-120 for years now.
    The regime that has been in charge of Disney for the last decade is waffling big time. Living on past successes instead of creating whole new ones.

  4. You say this is "confirmed," but where/who confirmed it for you? Disney hasn't announced anything about this.

    1. Club 33 has confirmed this to it's already members of Disneyland. Multiple sources have already announced this as well. Don't expect Disney Parks & Resorts to announce this publicly because it's meant to be a discreet membership.


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