New Revenge of the Mummy Lockers Debut at Universal Studios Florida

As previously announced by the Universal Orlando Resort, locker banks throughout Universal
Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure are currently being enhanced to deliver a more seamless experience at all rental locations.


On Monday, July 9, the upgrades to the Revenge of the Mummy locker banks were officially completed. In addition to being relocated to a newly renovated and enclosed space, these lockers were updated with "Locker Link" technology. Some of the new features include the following:

Elimination of Biometric Access
Guests now use the barcode on their admission ticket to reserve and re-open their locker.


Seamless Transaction
Minimal screen interactions that reduce transaction time allowing the Guests to walk up to the locker access point, scan their admission ticket, and stow their items.

Reduction of Theft
The new lockers have article-detecting sensors that will not allow a locker to be re-rented if it senses an item is inside.

New Tools Allow Team Members to Better Assist Guests
Locker Reporting Tools will provide live status updates on availability at each location.


Stay tuned for more updates, as this is just one of the enhancements coming to Universal's attractions.


  1. The wording seems very similar to internal employee documents

  2. So can you still walk passed those movie props to get in line or is that completely blocked off now?


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