"Magic of Disney" Store Closes Permanently at Orlando International Airport

Orlando visitors that enjoy browsing the shops found inside the Orlando International Airport should be aware that the Magic of Disney store (which was formerly located near the security area leading to Gates 1-59) officially closed yesterday evening. The official Twitter page of the airport confirmed that the space will be used for the upcoming West checkpoint expansion.

The Orlando International Airport also confirmed that a brand-new Disney store is expected to arrive on that end of the terminal in early spring 2019. In the meantime, passengers can visit Disney’s Earport (another Disney-themed merchandise location) near the Hyatt atrium.

PHOTO: © 2018 Disney/Orlando International Airport. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Disney likes to get rid of all their magic these days. It’s way to cheesy for them.

  2. First Anonymous... Did you even read why its closing before making a silly comment. Its closing due to the airport expanding security check point.

  3. Let's be honest, what was sold in this merchandise retail location you can find anywhere else on Disney World property or any other Orlando area Disney store (like character warehouse). Thanks to Bobby Chapek, Disney consumer products and merchandise are so homogenized (which is ridiculous). Now, if people want to make the point on how they will miss the store decorations and overall design of the store logistically then they have a point.


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