Major Changes Could Be Coming to Aquatica Orlando's All-Day Dining Deal

Many of SeaWorld's theme parks and water parks have been offering All-Day Dining deals for a number of years, allowing thousands of Guests to enjoy multiple meals throughout the day for one low price. Now, it seems that at least one of SeaWorld's parks could introduce some changes to this popular offering in the near future.

While taking a non-confidential survey, we were presented the following options:

As you can see, the water park is thinking of introducing at least one new option that would either replace or complement the existing All-Day Dining Deal.

The first option would be very similar to the Dining Plans that are already available at other parks in the area. For a one-time fee, Guests would be able to enjoy two full meals, a snack, and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages (which would help a lot during the hot summer months). The second option is more expensive but it would include any food and beverage item in the park as well as two alcoholic beverages.

Would you like to see Aquatica (and, possibly, other SeaWorld parks) offer these options or would you rather see them stick with the current All-Day Dining Deal? Let us know what you think!

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