PHOTOS: Universal Shares More Pictures Taken Inside Fast & Furious: Supercharged

Universal Orlando continues to tease fans about the new Fast & Furious: Supercharged attraction that will soon open at Universal Studios Florida. While we are still waiting for an official opening date, it appears that the resort will allow select members of the media to experience the ride on May 2, meaning that the ride could potentially soft open a few days before that (it could even remain in soft-opening status for a few more days after the event has taken place).

Additionally, the official Twitter account of the Universal Orlando Resort recently shared some great photos taken inside the queue, pre-shows, and loading area of the attraction. Let's take a look around!

We'll begin by taking a look around the entrance of the ride:

Single Riders will have the option to wait in a shorter line once the ride officially opens to the public:

Themed signs will help parents to discern if their kid(s) will be able to experience this new attractions:

Here you are some of the themed signs and props that can be seen around the queue:

The following photos show just some of the many vehicles that are on display in the queue:

At least one of the two pre-show rooms will feature a live actor:

Here's the loading area:

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  1. Awww Crap look at the ride vehicle in the last photo. Kong part 2.... bummer

    1. No one is excited for this ride...

  2. I'm very excited, and I don't know anything about the movies, but like Kong is ok with me. I really like Kong.


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