VIDEO: Updated "Golden Dreams" Sequence Debuts at The American Adventure

The American Adventure - one of Walt Disney World's most touching and impressive attractions - recently closed for a quick refurbishment at Epcot. When it reopened just a few days ago, many Guests were pleased to see that the projectors used throughout the show were upgraded to digital, most (if not all) of the Audio-Animatronic figures received new costumes, and the "Golden Dreams" song featured at the end of the show was re-recorded.


The change that impacted the attraction the most was undoubtedly the updated "Golden Dreams" sequence of the show. You can listen to the re-recorded version of this song by watching the video below:

You can compare this with the former version of this song (it begins at 2:06 in the following video):

In addition to the updated song, you will notice that some of the influential people shown in this part of the show have been replaced by different individuals to make the finale of this attraction more relevant.

What do you think about these changes? Do you like the new version of the "Golden Dreams" song? 

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