Updated Park Map Featuring Toy Story Land Coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

Updated guidemaps and Times Guides will be available to Disney's Hollywood Studios Guests starting Sunday, February 25. The new guidemaps are dated February 2018 and will feature the Tower of Terror and Sunset Boulevard on the cover. Changes for this map include an image of Toy Story Land as well as the opening date (which was announced just a few days ago). Guests can also get a peek at the new land by checking out the map on the My Disney Experience website and mobile app.

The guidemap includes an updated English map, as well as all five translations and the Guide for Guests with Disabilities.

MAP: © 2018 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Please let the Indy stunt show close the same weekend Toy Story Land opens, because it didn't deserve to open when TGMR closed(1000x)

  2. This park is turning into an inconsistent mess.

  3. Is is me or does that map make the park look pathetic? I mean it shouldn’t even be open with the amount of construction taking place at the moment! The parking lot is bigger than the actual park!

    1. I know! Seriously, they have eight attractions, and that's including shows that no one over the age of seven would have any interest in seeing (want proof? One of them is sponsored by Pull-Ups), not to mention they probably have conflicting show times. Of those eight attractions, four are actual rides. FOUR. God forbid any one of them should ever go down.
      The last time I could stand to visit that park was early 2015 (and it was only because we were given some insane $150 4-day, 4-park deal), and as it turned out I actually couldn't stand it. Or rather, I was forced to 'stand' it, as in I spent virtually the entire day standing in lines outside. Disney's crowd-management strategy of pricing the middle and working class out of its parks is clearly ineffective, because despite there only being a handful of rides and a $100+ ticket price (plus all the other exorbitant unavoidable fees), the park was absolutely packed to the gills with irritated tourists darting about the scorching courtyards and shadeless midways like frenzied ants, trying to delay the inevitable moment of reckoning at which they must choose between getting in that four-hour line for any ride/show/restaurant/bathroom/store/empty former attraction building repurposed as simply a refuge from the sweltering heat, or just admitting defeat, writing off their $500 investment as a day lost from their family vacation and sulking off to their hotel room to sit around and nurse their dehydration headaches and sunburns. And as it turned out, one of the rides DID break down, after we had spent 2 hours waiting in line for it.
      That park does not deserve to be open right now, nor does Disney deserve to charge $100 per ticket for it, nor should they have been advertising it as a full-day park when in fact it was never more than a half-day park, even before they closed all but a sliver of it over the past several years.

    2. Agreed! It is pathetic and a small toy story land will not help as it adds no E ticket attractions even to the board!


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