Green Meadows Petting Farm Closes Permanently in Kissimmee

After entertaining millions of Guests for almost three decades, Green Meadows Petting Farm permanently closed its doors to Guests last month to make way for a new residential area. Even the farm's owners were quite surprised to hear that the property where the attraction was located was recently sold to a developer; what was even more surprising was the fact that they were given only a few weeks to vacate the property.

This is what the owners of the petting farm posted on the official Facebook page of the attraction:

"Hello Everyone,

First, we'd like to thank all of you for the overwhelming support and positivity. It's truly heartwarming for our staff to know the community is firmly behind us during this process. Second, we'd like to address some of the frequently asked questions we have received.

- The land that our farm is on is rented property and has been since we opened in 1988. The property has been sold and so we must move on. (It was sudden for us too!)

- Currently we are exploring multiple options for our new location. As nothing is confirmed, we are refraining from naming any specific places. We do plan to stay in the Central Florida/Osceola County area so we can continue to serve our community.

- Annual passes will be honored upon reopening and the amount of time we are closed will be applied to your year. [...]

Finally, another huge THANK YOU for all your support and understanding. We look forward to the big changes that will be happening with our small business (even if we are a little nervous)!"

A large sign was recently placed in front of the attraction's gates to inform Guests of the closure:

Parts of the white fence that used to surround the farm has already been removed:

The owners of Green Meadows Petting Farm hope to open the attraction in a new location by fall 2018.

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