Changes Coming to Wilderness Explorers Guide at Animal Kingdom

Over the past few years, Disney's Animal Kingdom Guests have been able to follow in the footsteps of Russell and his faithful dog, Dug, and make their way through the park while enjoying a series of fact-finding challenges. As part of the Wilderness Explorers experience, Guests can enjoy dozens of self-guided activities, with missions ranging from animal observation to learning all-too-important nature skills. Beginning January 8, a new Wilderness Explorer field guide will be available to Guests.

The updated field guide will include the following updates:
  • The Signaling Badge will relocate from the entrance of DinoLand, U.S.A. to Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures.
  • The African Culture Badge will be relocated from the Warden’s Post at the exit of Kilimanjaro Safaris to the Savanna Overlook on Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail.
  • The Safari Badge will be relocated from the Warden’s Post to Harambe, near the Curiosity Kiosk (tour desk).
  • The Music Badge that was previously available in Africa and the Telescope Badge previously available in Asia have been retired.
Here's a look at an older map including the badges that will be available in different locations starting January 8:

MAP: © 2018 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. That map can't be right. Pandora is shown as Camp Minnie Mickey!

    1. Unfortunately this is the only high-quality map we could find online. We have slightly adjusted the wording on the post. Thank you for pointing that out. We didn't even notice that at first!


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