Changes Coming to all Disney Dining Plans Starting January 1, 2018

Based on Guest feedback, Disney dining plans will include more beverage offerings beginning in 2018. These expanded offerings include non-alcoholic premium beverages like frozen drinks, and most alcoholic beverages served at participating quick-service and table-service restaurants. Starting from January 1, 2018, one single serving non-alcoholic or one single-serving alcoholic beverage (for Guests 21 and older) may be ordered with each meal included in the dining plan.

Here's an overview of the plans that will be available starting January 1, 2018:
  1. Quick Service Dining Plan – 2 quick-service meals per person/night, including the expanded beverage option
  2. Disney Dining Plan – 1 quick-service meal and 1 table-service meal per person/night, including the expanded beverage option
  3. Deluxe Dining Plan – 3 quick-service or table-service meals per person/night, including the expanded beverage option
Be sure to take note of the following information before purchasing a Disney dining plan:
  • There are no changes to the number of meals or snack entitlements.
  • Only one specialty beverage may be ordered with each meal included in the Guest’s individual dining plan.
  • Dining plan Guests who visit quick-service and table-service locations beginning Jan. 1 may receive any beverage included with their meal entitlement included in their plan, regardless of whether they are on the 2017 or 2018 plan.

1) Which beverage options are included for quick-service and table-service meals in Disney dining plans beginning in 2018?
Single-serving non-alcoholic beverages – including soft drinks, brewed coffee, teas, bottled beverages, frozen specialty beverages (i.e. slushes, smoothies, lemonades,  etc.) and specialty coffees – as well as the majority of beer, wine and mixed drinks  (available to Guests age 21 and over with valid proof of ID) served at participating  quick-service and table-service restaurants will be included.

2) Are some beverages excluded?
The majority of single-serving beverages on the menu are included. Menus have been designed so that the majority, if not all of single-serving items on the printed menu are included in dining plans.

3) Can a Guest receive more than 1 (one) beverage per meal redeemed?
Each meal includes 1 (one) beverage per Guest, per meal redeemed. Any additional beverages should be split to a separate check and paid for by the Guest. 

4) Where can Guests find basic information about the Disney Dining Plan, including participating locations?
Guests should receive a brochure outlining the details of the dining plan purchase  (Quick Service Dining Plan, Disney Dining Plan, or Deluxe Dining Plan) when they check in to their Disney Resort hotel. Information on each of the dining plans is also available prior to arrival on For the most updated list of participating locations, visit

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  1. I wish they'll allow substitution of appetizer or soup or salad instead of dessert. Desserts are wasted of calories.


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