Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner Name Change at Hollywood Studios

A number of Guests visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios often refer to Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner simply as "Dockside Diner". As a result, the Walt Disney World decided to shorten the name of this food & beverage location (found near the Hyperion Theater) to "Dockside Diner." Dockside Diner will continue to pay homage to the California-Crazy architecture that was popular in California in the 1950s and provide Guests with a place to grab a quick bite to eat while visiting Echo Lake.


  1. All part of their trying to customers what they want. Next up, renaming "The Walt Disney World Resort" to "Magic Kingdom" or simply "Disney."

  2. They better include WALT with that!

  3. Really? Dockside Diner? I never call it that. I always call it Min and Bill's. Why fix things that aren't broken?


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