Important Operational Adjustments for Disney's Magical Express

As one of the busiest times of the year approaches and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enhances its security measures, the Orlando International Airport has changed its advisory times and is now recommending that travelers arrive at the airport even earlier – at least three hours prior to their scheduled departure time. In support of this recommendation, Disney’s Magical Express will adjust its operation, effective today (Friday, November 17, 2017).

Be sure to take note of the following changes if you plan on using this service during your next visit:
  • Resort motorcoach departure times will be scheduled approximately four hours prior to the Guest’s scheduled flight departure time for domestic and international flights (there is no change for Guests traveling internationally);
  • Resort Airline Check-in desks at Walt Disney World Resort hotels will operate 4 a.m.-noon, daily;
  • Guests using the Resort Airline Check-in service must now check in for their flight at least four hours prior to their scheduled departure time.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are resort motorcoach departure times for Guests departing on International flights not changing?
The recommendation made by Orlando International Airport applies to both domestic and international travelers. The current practices for Guests traveling internationally already account for this timeframe.    

Will all resort motorcoach departure times be scheduled exactly four hours prior to the Guest’s flight departure time?
A Guest’s scheduled motorcoach departure time will depend on their scheduled flight time and the resort they depart from. Guests may have a motorcoach departure time ranging from 3 hours and 45 minutes prior to flight time, to 4 hours and 15 minutes prior to flight time.  

If a Guest misses their motorcoach departure time can it be rescheduled?
Contact Disney’s Magical Express Guest Services at 407-566-7035 who will provide assistance and advise accordingly.

How long will this change be in effect?
The Walt Disney World Resort is working closely with Orlando International Airport and airline partners to deliver the best possible Guest experience. The company expect this process to be in place through early January 2018.  

Why does a Guest utilizing the Resort Airline Check-In service have to check in four hours prior to flight departure time when the airline requirement is three hours?
This will ensure the Guest’s luggage arrives at the aircraft in time for their scheduled flight departure time.

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