Universal's New Fast & Furious Ride to Feature Single Riders Line

While taking a look around Universal Studios Florida a few days ago (you can check out the full photo-report by clicking on this link), we noticed a few new details in the area occupied by the new Fast & Furious: Supercharged attraction. In addition to new themed elements installed on the facade, Guests may notice a new sign designating the entrance of a "Single Riders" queue. While the ride will feature a virtual queue, this will give single riders the option to wait in a "real" line.

First of all, let's take a look at the showbuilding from the other side of the lagoon at the center of the park:


Let's take a closer look at the building that houses the new attraction:


Notice the new themed elements on the facade hidden behind the brick building:


Let's go back to the front of the main structure:


More details become evident as we get closer to First Aid:


If you take a closer look at the photos, you will notice that there are actually two Single Riders signs:


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