PHOTOS: New Props Available at Universal's "Williams of Hollywood"

The quaint "Williams of Hollywood" shop (located in the Hollywood-themed area of Universal Studios Florida) is a great place to find old signs, costumes, and props that were formerly used around Universal Orlando's theme parks. During our last visit, we noticed a few new additions that some of our Readers might find interesting. Of course, we cannot guarantee that these items will still be available in the next few days (some of them could have already been sold). Take a look around...

Williams of Hollywood used to be a magic shop:


A few props were recently placed outside the shop to get the attention of Guests passing by:


Some of them come from the neighboring Islands of Adventure:


This large Islands of Adventure sign was still available during our last visit:


The Reign of Kong sign is new:


We also noticed these new baskets of fruit. They probably come from some of the windows in the New York area:


A bride and groom now stand on either side of this painting:


A new sign from Seuss Landing has been placed by the window:


The "ACTION" sign appears to be new:


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