Giraffes and Other Animals Give Birth at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge has welcomed a number of baby animals in the past few weeks!
At the end of September, some adorable East-African crowned cranes hatched at the resort. Their mom, Eleanor, and dad, Simon, are keeping a close watch on the chicks. During courtship, East-African crowned cranes perform dances around each other and produce a loud "unison call.” The pairs will stay together to take care of the chicks until they fledge at about four months old. 

In addition to that, Rory the giraffe gave birth to Gemma earlier this year. Gemma is now just under 160 pounds and nearly 6 feet tall. The photo below shows the baby giraffe and her mom in a backstage location at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge:

Another giraffe named Azizi gave birth last month to a male named Griffon. Cast Members at the resort expect to introduce both giraffes on the savanna later this year. We will continue to keep you updated.

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