Terminator 2: 3-D Closing on October 8 at Universal Studios Florida

Earlier today, the Universal Orlando Resort made an announcement that surprised many fans.
On Sunday, October 8, Terminator 2: 3-D at Universal Studios Florida will run its last shows to make way for an all-new live action experience based on a high-energy Universal franchise. The new attraction is expected to open to Guests in 2019. This is one of many exciting new experiences coming to Universal Orlando as it continue its epic growth. Additional details will be released soon.


  1. Well, there goes one of the few remaining 'classic Universal' attractions. I have to say, this is pretty poor timing considering the fact that the Terminator series is finally about to get a James Cameron-directed reboot/sequel. I'd comment on how timeless and unique this attraction was, and how its replacement will almost certainly be something with short-term appeal and polarized reception, but such a comment would itself be a cliché, as this has sadly become the new norm at Universal Parks. I love that they're bringing in new attractions all the time, but I'd rather see them use vacant plots of land (or the upcoming third park) than watch every attraction I actually like get bulldozed and replaced with something that's not as good. With ticket prices skyrocketing and nearly all the nostalgia gone from UOR (and Disney World), I think SeaWorld has just become my new favorite Orlando park.

  2. I have to agree with pretty much everything that was said by the previous anonymous reviewer (11:04).
    It's a contradiction in terms when you have to identify iconic attractions as being the most endangered ones in the Parks. It appears that the old, no matter how good they are, will be replaced by the new. Even if it means that the Park is poorer for that change. In this particular case, as has already been stated, the franchise stands to be given fresh impetus by a new movie. What you have to consider is that, perhaps, the imagineers & Park designers are themselves being replaced by a younger generation who's views on what is, and what isn't ,considered iconic are far different to ours.
    Just saying...................

  3. Dumbest decision ever. How are they going to appeal to the older crowd. I'm 28 and I'm not happy to see it go. I hope Arnold shows up at the universal offices like he did at the police station.

  4. "Secret Life of Pets" dark ride?

  5. Long time Disney/Universal fan here (been going since Universal opened in '90) and I do agree that it's sad to see the older attractions go, but i also feel there's a nostalgia bias.

    It's undeniable that T2-3D is looking/feeling dated now. Anyone who's been visiting for years can see that the level of polish and upkeep on the attraction has dropped since it opened. If you're in charge of the park, do you spend a vast amount to refurb the ride or plan for something new? Sure, I'd like it to stay, but I do have some sympathy for how these decisions play out.

    Having said all that, if Disney ever change/re-theme the Tower of Terror I'm done. the day that ride becomes more license fodder is the day that park dies. It's still the best ride/experience in all of the parks.

  6. Couldn't they wait until Fast and Furious opens before closing another attraction? if you coming this winter you're out of luck.
    Disaster and Beetle Juice closed for the new but not yet open Furious Attraction, They closed the Fear Factor show (about time) and now closing another Major attraction with Terminator, a little more consideration for the people coming this winter, they should wait for the SPRING when the new attraction opens...


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