Disney Cast Members Taking Care of Four Hooded Pitta Hatchlings

Disney's Animals, Science and Environment Cast Members lead Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to care for animals and the environment, connect people to nature, and conserve our natural resources. At the moment, some of the Cast Members working at the Aviary Research Center (located at the Walt Disney World Resort) are taking great care of the many hatchlings that have emerged from their shells over the last two weeks, including four hooded pittas.

The parents have not been as successful raising their chicks this year as the team would like, so keepers are hand-rearing the chicks to ensure they get all the care they need.

These adorable hatchlings have to be fed by hand every two hours, which keeps their keepers busy day and night! While they sport a black coat of feathers now, these birds will grow up to add a brilliant plumage of green, azure blue and red on their wings.

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